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From time to time we welcome guest artists from around the country (and elsewhere) to tattoo in the shop.  Below is a list of upcoming dates for visiting artists, along with portfolio links, flash pieces up for grabs, and booking info for each. In addition, most of the artists are willing to take on custom work, so if you like their style feel free to hit them up for a piece.

All guest artists handle their own calendar, deposits and bookings directly, not through the shop. They almost always fully book out in advance so if you're thinking about getting something, please reach out quickly to reserve your spot.



October 29 - November 4

You know him, you love him. Everyone's favorite French Canadian is planning a trip to SLC. If you're looking for a mashup of pop culture/surrealism, check out some recent work. 

Here is a link to available flash pieces: SASSY FLASH

Here is a link to chat/get pricing and/or book: SASSY BOOKING

Below are some samples of past work.

He is also on East Coast time (2 hours ahead) so it may be a day or two out before you get a response, but if you fill out the form on the booking link above he will get back to you as soon as possible.



November 13 - 18

He's coming back!! Rat's going to be in SLC for a week. If you missed getting tattooed while he was here or you've been waiting for his return, now is your chance. He's especially interested in colorful horror-themed work or anything nerdy - comics, video games, anime, etc. But he can do pretty flowers too if that's what you want.

He's managing his own schedule so please email him directly for booking. He's on East Coast time so give him an extra day to respond.

Here is a link to chat/get pricing and/or book: RAT BOOKING

Below are some samples of recent work.

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