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We are looking for an experienced tattooer to join the Prohibition Ink shop family. 

Our ideal applicant will have at least 3 years of tattoo experience, with proficiency in numerous styles of tattoos including color work. We are not a flash shop, so

an ability to work with clients to conceptualize and design custom work is required. Preference will be given to candidates with formal art training, either from private lessons or high school/collegiate level coursework.


We are a well-organized, professional business, and expect a high level of customer service and professionalism from our artists. We all work as a team and are not interested in the typical tattoo shop drama. Our dream candidate is a talented, conscientious, reliable person who is interested in providing clients a great experience, growing their artistic skills and portfolio, and spending time in a comfortable environment with a great group of other like-minded artists.

In return you will receive full marketing support and a constant funnel of new client leads, a wide range of flexibility in setting your own work hours, generous commission on every tattoo plus full tips, and group health insurance and HSA benefits.


This is not a booth rent position; you will be a full W-2 employee with

supplies furnished by the shop. 

If you want to be considered please fill out the information below.


Inquiries made by any method other than this form will not be considered.

Thanks for your application. We'll review your information and be in touch soon

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