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We offer free consultations. During the consultation your artist will help refine your idea and guide you with placement options, color choices, etc.

If the area you want to tattoo has other tattoos around it, your artist will make a tracing and take photos of the existing work so the new design can be incorporated in the best way possible.

Your artist will also estimate the amount of time and cost for the tattoo. If you wish to proceed you may book your appointment(s) at that time or wait and book later. Artists will not begin any drawing/design without a deposit and scheduled appointment, and appointments cannot be scheduled without first completing a consultation.


All artists are available for consultations during the following times (except for holiday/travel; see below):

WEDNESDAYS from 7 - 7:30 PM* 

SATURDAYS from 11 - 11:30 AM*


If one of the above times works for you, please drop by and chat. No need to call or schedule in advance, just show up. Everyone who arrives within the designated time window will get a consultation, first come first served. 

**Consultation drop in times have been intentionally scheduled outside of regular business hours so clients with scheduled appointments can get tattooed without interruption. Please refrain from dropping by unannounced outside of the consultation hours listed above, 


If you absolutely cannot do a consultation within the designated time slots please call the shop and we'll find an alternative that doesn't conflict with existing appointments. Phone/video consultations can also be scheduled if you don't live in the area. Thank you for understanding.


* PLEASE NOTE: Our artists sometimes travel - here is a list of dates when they are NOT available for the scheduled consultation time:


JJ Ohlinger NOT Available:

Wednesday, Feb 12


Rat Barse NOT Available:

Saturday, Apr 25



For consultations - SEE ABOVE

For the tattoo itself - MOSTLY YES, BUT NOT ALWAYS


We accommodate walk-ins as best we can but as a small shop our capacity is limited. Our artists book out weeks or months in advance. So if you're feeling impulsive it's a good idea to call and check walk-in availability for that day/week. You may get lucky - sometimes it works out and we can get you in quickly. We love when that happens! But most of the time you're better off scheduling an appointment whenever possible.


Also, you can stalk your favorite artists on Instagram - if they get a last minute cancellation they will post the availability there and you might snag it. Instagram links are on their individual portfolio pages.


Please provide your artist with as much specific information as possible such as size, placement, style or color preference, etc. If you provide reference photos (2-4 are plenty) it is helpful if you can tell the artist what it is you like/dislike about them. We do custom tattoos, so our artists will look at other tattoos as a jumping off point but will design something custom rather than copy another artist's work.

If you don't really know the specifics and want to allow the artist freedom to interpret your idea visually, that's absolutely fine. 


Pricing varies by artist and is difficult to estimate without getting some details from you (which is why we offer FREE consultations - see above).


During your consultation your artist will give you an estimate of time and price to achieve your desired result. If you have a budget in mind, please share that with your artist and they can work to design something that will fit within your price range whenever possible.


We require a non-refundable deposit to book appointments. This deposit will be applied toward the cost of your tattoo. For multi-session tattoos, a single deposit holds all appointments and will be applied toward payment of the final session.

If you need to reschedule your appointment(s) the deposit can be moved once to hold a new date and time as long as you give us at least one week advance notice. No-shows or cancellations without a reschedule within one week of appointment  forfeit their initial deposit and a new deposit will be required to hold any remaining appointments. 

Deposit rates for artistic tattoos range from $50 - $200 depending on the total number of hours booked. Artists will not begin a drawing/design without a deposit and scheduled appointment.

Cosmetic tattoo procedures booked in person, by phone or email will have the same deposit requirements listed above, and deposit will be applied to last appointment.

ONLINE BOOKING of cosmetic tattoo procedures requires a credit card to hold, but it will not be charged at the time of booking. However, providing card gives consent to our no show protection policy, which allows us to charge $100 to the card for no-shows and cancellations with less than one week notice without a reschedule. Services booked online will be charged in full on the day of service since card would not have been charged a deposit ahead of time, only held.  


​GIFT CERTIFICATES are non-refundable; however they are transferable and valid for use before the expiration date for anyone over the age of 18.



Make sure you eat something within two hours of your appointment.

We hope this goes without saying, but please be clean and showered. 

The body part getting tattooed will need to be shaved beforehand, even on places that appear to have little or no hair. We can do it here, but if you want to do it yourself ahead of time it saves a step and is appreciated.

Please DO NOT put lotion on the area to be tattooed ahead of time, especially avoid heavy fragrances or dyes.

Please DO NOT arrive intoxicated. 

Please DO NOT bring children under the age of 18.

You can bring a friend for support, but if the shop is very busy they may have to stay in the waiting area rather than in the booth with you during the tattoo (up to artist's discretion). Please don’t invite a large group because it is very distracting for the artists and other clients.


Please plan to arrive at least 5 minutes early, as there are forms we will need you to fill out before you get started. Be sure to bring a photo ID for proof of age. We will not tattoo you without an ID. 


Medical intake/consent forms are required by the Utah board of health. These include contact information and disclosure of any medical conditions  which would affect the application/healing of your tattoo (all the things we need to know about are listed on the form). Having a listed medical condition does not affect whether or not you can be tattooed, but does allow artists to adapt for your individual needs and to ensure the best possible outcome for healing. Intake forms are private and retained by the shop for 4 years in locked files as mandated by Utah health code. We do not disclose, sell or share your personal information with anyone, ever. 


Wear clothing that you won't be upset about in the event ink gets on it (we try very hard not to, but accidents sometimes happen).


Wear something comfy that will allow easy access to the body part getting tattooed. For example, if you are getting a back tattoo, a zip up hoodie or button-up shirt is great because you can wear it backwards and keep your arms and front covered and warm. For thigh or hip tattoos, loose shorts, yoga pants or a skirt work great. For arm and shoulder tattoos, try to wear a tank top. 

It is common for people to feel chilly while getting tattooed because of endorphins released during the process. Due to health regulations we cannot provide a blanket, but please feel free to bring an extra sweater, small blanket or a pillow if that will help you to be comfortable during the tattoo. 

Please feel free to bring non-alcoholic beverages to enjoy during your tattoo. We have a water fountain with hot and cold water and assortment of teas available.

We welcome you to bring a cell phone or tablet to distract yourself during the process but please be mindful that texting and talking on the phone will cause you to move more than you might think and can make it very difficult for your artist.



If you or your friend would like to take photos while you are getting tattooed that is fine, but please keep it to a minimum and ask your artist for their consent to tag them if posting. We offer the same courtesy and will get your consent to tag or post your finished photos.


Payment is due for services rendered that day. We accept all major credit cards, debit cards, and cash. 




Prohibition Ink Custom Tattoo utilizes aftercare film for the healing of tattoos. This film eliminates much of the guesswork of caring for your tattoo and also promotes the body's natural healing process. The film stays on skin even while immersed in water so you are able to shower normally. Excessive exposure to water such as swimming or extended baths should be minimized because it can weaken the adhesive prematurely.



Your artist will go over the aftercare procedure with you in detail and will answer any questions you have about the process. You will also receive a copy of the written instructions to take with you for reference later. Should you have any questions about the care of your tattoo please contact the shop. For larger pieces, your artist may make arrangements for you to come back a day or two after your appointment to make sure everything is healing properly.

 - we do not offer piercings -

We believe tattoos are for everyone who wants one (or dozens) but there are a few lines in the sand over which we do not cross! Including, but not limited to, those listed below:

- The customer is intoxicated, belligerent, or behaving in an erratic or violent manner or is harassing any shop employee or guest

- Anyone under the age of 18. We know it is legal in Utah to get a tattoo with parental permission but we believe getting tattooed at a younger age will lead to regret because you are still growing physically and mentally. Come see us on your 18th birthday and we'll give you a $25 gift certificate toward your tattoo!

- We're for freedom of expression, and a tattoo is a great way to express yourself. But if you ask for a design that in promotes hatred, violence, or intolerance toward any individual or group we reserve the right to turn down the work. It's your tattoo, but it's our reputation. We wholeheartedly support the 1st Amendment and your right to express yourself however you like, but we also reserve our right to not have our shop and artists' names associated with those images.