PROHIBITION INK  CUSTOM TATTOO   1991 S 1100 E  Suite C  Salt Lake City, Utah   (801) 485.2294

Monday, March 23:

Today, after consulting with our artists, we made the difficult but responsible decision to temporarily close the shop for three weeks and pause all appointments.


We plan to reopen April 14 if it is safe to do so at that time. If you had an appointment scheduled during the next three weeks we have attempted to call you, and you will also receive email and text updates. Everyone please stay safe during this time and we will all get through together.


And since we will be home and probably somewhat bored, if you want to send drawing ideas over for future appointments we’d love to hear them. Call or email the shop, We’ve got everything forwarded to the house so we will get your messages. And we can still do phone/email consultations for future appointments.

Flowers by JJ Ohlinger
Yosemite by Rat Barse
Curvy Mermaid by Rat Barse
Destiny Guns by Rat Barse
Bouquet by JJ Ohlinger
Beets and Carrots by JJ Ohlinger
Brow micrblading by Rachel Ecker
Microbladig by Rachel Ecker